Welcome to Crux, a site where students can explore the meaningfulness (the crux of the matter), indeterminacy (the crux of a text), and intersections of literature (the crux as a cross). RockSalad is an especially apt image to highlight my first post because it offers a crux and comments on itself at the same time. It invokes the found art or garbage aesthetic of so much digital storytelling and postmodern art as a metaphor of reading and

the object of reading: hybrid, decentred, appropriated, even grotesque but also transformative in the use and re-use of everyday, rejected objects and images, as in George Herms‘s “tossed salad” assemblages and Merrick Brown‘s Alphabet Stew (see an excerpt in the Header of this page). I hope students will use the site’s digital resources to read and transform literature in the same spirit of experimentation.