Discussion Topics & Assignments


This course is designed for self-study, with 9 major discussion topics and assignments:

  1. Definitions and Purposes
  2. PLAR’s Historical Context
  3. Names and Acronyms
  4. PLARĀ  Benefits
  5. PLAR Processes
  6. PLAR’s Strengths and Weaknesses
  7. Barriers to PLAR
  8. Quality Assurance in PLAR
  9. Theories Underlying PLAR


For each major topic, we have provided links to core resources (written and audio-visual) that are all available for free download. We have also indicated optional resources that you may need to access through a library. The core resources form the basis of 9 self-study assignments that will help you learn the material and relate it to your own experience. You’ll also be able to compare your own responses to other people who are taking or have taken the course.

To complete the assignments, just post your responses as comments on the respective discussion pages. The different discussion topics are available in the “Discussion Assignment Topics” drop down menu above.

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