Add a new post

Add New Post

Posts are designed for more dynamic content such as news and updates.

  • From the Dashboard, click Posts on the left-hand menu bar
  • Click the Add New button
  • Enter a new short title in the New Post and enter text in the text box below
  • On the far right, in the Publish settings, click Preview to see if everything looks fine
  • Click Publish (Note: the yellow confirmation at the top of the page)
  • At the top of your Post, click View Post

Published new posts will appear immediately on your website.

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are indexing systems for your site. Categories are typically used to index your posts often using general taxonomies. Tags are typically more granular than categories and are often used to link to keywords or details within a posts.

Creating and linking a post to a category

  • While writing or editing a post, under the Categories section on the right-hand sidebar, click Add New Category
  • Enter the category in the form that appears and click Add
  • Once you have published your posts it will be linked to this category.

Linking a Tag to your Post

  • From the post form enter tag(s) separated by commas. Click Add to add the tag to your post

Categories and Tags can be added to while writing or editing a post.

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