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Friday, April 11th 2014 on Linda Ikeji’s Blog.

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Thursday, April 10th, 2014 on Kamloops This Week


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Tuesday, 8th April, 2014 on Thompson – Nicola Regional District

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Saturday, 12th April, 2013 on National News Watch

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someday, I wish my name would be found here; What a man can do… you finish the sentence.

Just today, I woke up this morning to read the news, both home and abroad and I bumped into Forbes’ list of richest singers. I know I am the most introvert person I have ever met but I wanna be a triple threat: singer, dancer and actress. I love entertainment so much and to tell you the truth, the only reason I work out in the gym is just because I want to be physically fit enough for my job as an entertainer. so as I was saying, i ran into Forbes’ list of world’s most paid musicians and the richest were women. All those people who consider gender first or under estimate women should take a look at this list. Women topped men and you can imagine Beyonce earned more than Jay Z last year.

culled from Forbes

1. Madonna – $125 million
2. Lady Gaga –  $80 million
3. Bon Jovi – $79 million
4. Toby Keith – $65 million
5. Coldplay – $64 million.
6.  Justin Bieber – $58 million
7. Taylor Swift – $55 million
8. Elton John – $54 million
9. Kenny Chesney – $53 million
9. Beyonce – $53 million (tie)

See the rest after the cut….

11. Sean “Diddy” Combs – $50 million

12. Sir Paul McCartney – $47 million
13. Calvin Harris – $46 million
14. Jennifer Lopez – $45 million
15. Roger Waters – $44 million
16. Muse – $43 million (tie)
16. Rihanna – $43 million (tie)
18. Jay Z – $42 million
18. One Direction – $42 million (tie)
20. Dr. Dre – $40 million
20. Red Hot Chili Peppers ($40 million, tie)
22. Rolling Stones – $39 million (tie)
22. Katy Perry – $39 million (tie)
24. Tim McGraw – $33 million (tie)
25. Pink – $32 million (tie)
25. Tiësto – $32 million (tie)
                              Well, my only wish is to be here, someday.


Proud To Be Canadian, Eh?

As most, if not all, of you already know, Toronto’s outstanding mayor Rob Ford has initiated a landfall of media buzz and social site recognition, especially this past week. Almost every day I’m bombarded by shared links and sarcastic statuses on my Facebook wall; Canadian’s reactions from his comments, counter-comments, and witness accounts. Safe to say Rob’s put our proud country on the map for a number of reasons, non of which I’d like to be associated with – but why does it feel like my generation has put him on a pedestal? Is it because he’s not hiding behind lies and fake fronts anymore? Or his open admission to alcohol and drug abuse? Either way, the light we, as a community and country, are putting him in isn’t actually one of disgust and shame, but almost of admiration.

I enjoy a good time just as much as the next person; after a hard week of school and work, who doesn’t want to let loose, even just a little? I do, however, try to keep it tasteful. I know my limit in alcohol consumption (for the most part), and try to surround myself with people I know my mom would approve of. Social status and ‘keeping it classy’ isn’t everything in life, but it does affect the way we perform in academics, our future careers, and, in my opinion, our overall happiness. I feel that Mr.Ford has been dealing with some personal demons, and not in the most reasonable way. I know I can’t be alone in thinking this way, but why then are we celebrating him on social media?

If you don’t agree, or are looking for a cheap laugh (or a career in politics), here’s a link to purchase the tie he wore in his infamous media interview. Honestly….

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addresses the media while wearing a throwback NFL tie on Tuesday.

Her Loss Their Gain?

I started reading the News this week and realized most of it isn’t as scary or depressing as I once imagined. Although there are a lot of tragedies worldwide, there are many stories, including the one I read today, that surprise me and instil happiness while reading them.

A man and his wife from Connecticut bought a desk off of Craigslist last week. When they got home they realized it would not fit through their door, causing them to dismantle the desk before entering their home. While taking apart the desk they realized something was stuck behind one of the drawers, what they found was unbelievable, what they did after was incredible. A grocery bag full of $100 bills was left inside the desk. The total amount of money in the bag: $98,000!!! Instead of being greedy and keeping it to themselves, they returned the money to the owner of the desk, who had taken her inheritance in cash and hid it in the drawer before forgetting about it. (HOW COULD YOU FORGET WHERE YOU PUT THAT MUCH MONEY!?) 

It reminded me of what we talked about in class: consequentialism (what consequence has the most intrinsic value), egoism (self-interest), universalism (everyones best interest) and altruism (everyone else’s best interest). What avenue would you choose? What best describes this situation? Do you think the fact that the man was a Rabbi had anything to do with their decision? Would you have kept the money (or some) for yourself? Morally I know what I should do, but honestly, it’s hard for me to say what I would have done… Does that make me a bad person?

Here is the news article:

Interpretation of Comedy

One of the things that stood out to me when we were discussing meaning was how does this extend to all forms of entertainment. We talked about the reasons we watch all the forms of entertainment. The one segment that I immediately thought about was comedy. The one thing that can cause a stir is everyone’s different sense of humor. People all have a line that they draw on what they can find funny or not. What if something that is not offensive to some, can cross some others own sense of decency.

Some comedians have made the point that all topics of society are fair comedic game, but even in recent day there has been some people who have come out to say that issues such as abortion and rape are off limits. Controversial as it may be, when we look at meaning, should comedians be allowed to talk about whatever they want.

Comedians are known for their sarcastic approach of retelling stories and events. Can they be put under the same questioning of the artists who create their own interpretation of other present-day or historic events. Filmmakers probably are held to a more accountable standard than a comedian would be. But the question remains, where in our society’s perception of meaning do we hold this standard, and can we look at something like comedy, and not take the words of the comedian too literally and become so easily offended.

I Want to Be Like Katniss, Confident, Sexy and Eat Like a Caveman

After years of being exposed to magazine covers, advertisements and tabloids there isn’t much in the world of Hollywood that shocks me anymore. Honestly, how many ‘pregnancies’ can Jennifer Anniston have in a lifetime?

In all seriousness, it is unfortunate that we cannot control the amount of negative and deceitful media being thrown at us everyday. The subconscious effects it has on people can be detrimental. The spectrum of too skinny to too big in Hollywood is unrealistic. No one is perfect and they make that especially obvious in magazines while displaying pictures of celebrities sitting down in a bikini as fat or eating a burger as if it is a crime to indulge in food. With the endless amount of weight loss tricks featured in every magazine and the endless budget for fitness marketing it is not surprising that women and men everywhere struggle with body image issues coupled with severe insecurities.

I grew up in a small town in Ontario but moved away nearly five years ago. While keeping in touch with some people on Facebook, I’ve watched the downward spiral of girls falling victim to these high standards; those who have had babies are among the worst examples of social pressure. Clearly, gaining weight to carry a baby is ridiculous, how could they let themselves be healthy for their children? Ugh. Watching Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy in the tabloids was devastating; the fact that she was compared to a killer whale was an all time low. I do not want to focus this blog strictly on women because men are affected just as badly. I cannot imagine being a boy going through puberty and having the pressures of looking like Chris Hemsworth plastered everywhere they look. Unfortunately, the men from my hometown have turned to desperate measures of being fit, they openly and proudly admit to doing steroids. When did that become okay? I wonder how it became acceptable considering everyone knows the harmful side effects of these drugs. Do they not realize that their bodies get bigger, but other parts get smaller? It is depressing to think men and women are willing to sacrifice their health to look good. What we don’t realize while looking at these superficial pictures of celebrities is that half of them admit to not even recognizing themselves on the cover of magazines. Even without realizing it, the media has an effect on me almost everyday. This destructive media makes me second-guess if I should eat certain foods; it constructs body image issues and instills unwanted insecurities. I am embarrassed to admit these insecurities as I’ve always seen myself as someone who is not easily influenced and I act as though confidence has never been an issue for me, however as self worth is being judge by body image everywhere around me it is very hard not to judge my self-worth based on my weight and appearances.

Considering extreme standards of being skinny have always been featured in magazines the comparisons made of Kim Kardashian while pregnant and the pictures of fit celebrities in bikinis hardly deserve reaction as I’ve realized that they are extremely touched up or exaggerated. However, as I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook last week, I came across a seemingly flawless picture of Jennifer Lawrence. I could not get over how beautiful she looked. Then I read the quote featured beside her, “In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress. I eat like a caveman. I’ll be the only actress without anorexia rumours! I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I don’t want little girls to be like ‘oh I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner‘”. This shocked me. How can she be considered a FAT ACTRESS!? I’ve always loved her movies, admired her wit and looked up to her confidence. After reading this quote I respect her more than any other celebrity. I was so proud of her for accepting that she is human. For the first time since I was 10, I accepted my body. Unlike many other celebrities (cough – Miley Cyrus) she knows her fame is highly influential to young girls and women. After reading this post, I was enraged and sad, but hopeful that more will come from this. Maybe, if more people are as shocked as I am, she will make a difference. What were your reactions to her statement? Has the world become so entranced by the beautiful pictures featured in advertisements and magazines that we forget there are people on the other side dealing with greater pressures to be beautiful?