I-Days Showcase


The I-Days (March 11-14 2014) is a yearly even which is performed by students of TRU who come from different parts of the world and the country as well. There were variety of performances and even fashion parade of different attires from all over the world.
One of the students I interviewed said:
“It is such a blessing and a privilege for me to be able to connect with other cultures from all over the world. it makes me feel like I have gone all over the world through their eyes.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDQGOs9C2sw&feature=youtube_gdata


Her Loss Their Gain?

I started reading the News this week and realized most of it isn’t as scary or depressing as I once imagined. Although there are a lot of tragedies worldwide, there are many stories, including the one I read today, that surprise me and instil happiness while reading them.

A man and his wife from Connecticut bought a desk off of Craigslist last week. When they got home they realized it would not fit through their door, causing them to dismantle the desk before entering their home. While taking apart the desk they realized something was stuck behind one of the drawers, what they found was unbelievable, what they did after was incredible. A grocery bag full of $100 bills was left inside the desk. The total amount of money in the bag: $98,000!!! Instead of being greedy and keeping it to themselves, they returned the money to the owner of the desk, who had taken her inheritance in cash and hid it in the drawer before forgetting about it. (HOW COULD YOU FORGET WHERE YOU PUT THAT MUCH MONEY!?) 

It reminded me of what we talked about in class: consequentialism (what consequence has the most intrinsic value), egoism (self-interest), universalism (everyones best interest) and altruism (everyone else’s best interest). What avenue would you choose? What best describes this situation? Do you think the fact that the man was a Rabbi had anything to do with their decision? Would you have kept the money (or some) for yourself? Morally I know what I should do, but honestly, it’s hard for me to say what I would have done… Does that make me a bad person?

Here is the news article:

On a Deseted Island

                                        Hopefully, let’s hope that no one falls a victim of this. A deserted Island is an Island, either big or small that has not been inhabited by humans and is surrounded by water (as the name implies). To be left on a deserted Island is very dangerous because u are alone and communication is poor, no one totalk to, you have fear instilled in you and nothing much to do, but to be left with something you can keep up with is not so bad.
If I was left on a deserted Island I would not love to be left with something I love so much, say my favorite food or my television show or even my favorite songs because I’ll get over all these things and become bored, It will later feel like a pain in the neck and a torment too. I love entertainment and pop culture so one thing I know, for sure I would love have is a PSR (Piano Sound Recorder) Keyboard. This Keyboard has over a thousand beats and they can be mixed up to 10,000 ways or more to make beats and trying new beats is a very amazing thing to do. I’m not so good at that but I know that when I am alone I will keep doing that and learning new things every day. I love to record and I am still in the process of producing so I think I can improve on production and eventually fall in love with it before I get tired.I was watching The Life Of Pi the other day and I got ideas on how to tame a tiger and make it your best friend especially when you have no one else to be with. Even though it was just a movie acted in a pool, I found it very interesting to learn how to make the weirdest thing your best acquaintance. So from this, I have learnt to make a good partner with my PSR.

In my own opinion, i feel for me to be left on a deserted Island, I should be left with something I can stand and not something I cherish so much because to be left with something I cherish so much will not take long before I get tired of it, but to be with something I don’t really like and I can stand it, I would rather prefer that because it’ll take more time for me to love it and keep it before I ever get tired of it. Won’t you consider that if you were in my shoes? 😀

Embedding YouTube videos – easier than I thought!

Hi all, this is Brian, the fellow who showed you the basics of using WordPress for this course site.

You may recall one issue that confused me was how to embed YouTube videos. Turns out, I was making it more difficult than it needs to be. In the current version of WordPress, all you need to do is paste the URL of the YouTube video as a separate line into the authoring interface. It works in both “Visual” and “HTML” modes. An example below.

It looks like Craig had already figured this out — nice job!