Paul Walker R.I.P.

First off, is very sad when you hear of anyone who passes away from such a tragic accident. We wish his family and everyone close to him all the best in this tough time.

What I would like to say is that his death has no significant impact to the many facebookers or twitter followers out there. I may be doing the same thing here, by gratuitously speaking on his death nearly a week past, but I digress.

The point is that people have no tie to Paul Walker at all, yet feel the need to post and repost to share the news, which is actually devastating and personal to the select few in his family. Why do we as a society when we have the opportunity to say something, feel like we need to share other peoples loss only to get Retweets and Facebook likes.

Maybe this is just the standard today and we have to accept it, like we discussed before maybe privacy is dead. There are people learning things about people close to them secondhand, and the personal touch of face-to-face is long gone. Would you appreciate learning your brother had died from a retweet from your friends, co-workers, sister’s twitter account? I guess privacy is dead and I don’t see it coming back …..R.I.P.

Archie the Man

It always amazed me in the comic Archie and friends how much the stereotypes were played up.  From the dumb jock,  the nerd,  to the rich snob, the comic really played on the stereotypical forms of their characters. One of the biggest issues I saw in this was the sexism. Archie was a normal guy, and he was continuously being fought over by Betty and Veronica, as well as countless other girls. The women were seen as a nothing more then sex objects and prizes that could be won between Archie and Reggie. I agree that maybe some of the attitudes in the comic were more in sync with the times where the comic was written, but Archie comics kept that idea going for quite a while.

I am not too familiar with comic books, and have actually learned a great deal from class about the content that was published from the early comic book days. I think the sentiments in Archie may have been quite tame compared to some of the other ideas that were put out there, but for such a mainstream comic that has been read for so long, they do have some controversial comics.

However with saying this, Archie did come under fire recently for including a gay kiss, and even a gay marriage.

From the sexism to the homosexuality, is it all just an overreaction? Do comic books even have that much influence in today’s pop culture?

No Spoilers

I have not watched the second installment of the movie “The Hunger Games” yet, but I have heard from more than a few people about its greatness and how I have to watch it. The Hunger Games for those who don’t know is about last man standing competition, to the death, executed by children.

Since this being one of the “movies of the year”, I have a few friends already asking me to go watch it with  them. But just like the first of this series, I chose not to listen to any details about the movie or watch any reviews. This idea is relevant to the topic of meaning we talked about in class. For the past couple years I have gone into movies with no prior knowledge about them and therefore no expectations. I love it. I have enjoyed movies more and it has helped me make my own opinions about them.

One of the better movies I have done this for is Inception. Although it was hard to avoid the buzz about the movie since many people were talking about it, I went not knowing a thing. Whether it was drama or thriller, love-story or fantasy, or if there was a lesson to be learned. This way of viewing movies and all artistic forms (music, television, books) give you a sense of open mindedness in a world where you are always told what to think and what you are supposed to take from watching or listening to something.

What do you think about this? Is it a waste of money? Should we as viewers always know what kind of movie we’re watching, how good or bad it is, and what the major plot points are before we watch anything? Or is being uninformed a better way?

Interpretation of Comedy

One of the things that stood out to me when we were discussing meaning was how does this extend to all forms of entertainment. We talked about the reasons we watch all the forms of entertainment. The one segment that I immediately thought about was comedy. The one thing that can cause a stir is everyone’s different sense of humor. People all have a line that they draw on what they can find funny or not. What if something that is not offensive to some, can cross some others own sense of decency.

Some comedians have made the point that all topics of society are fair comedic game, but even in recent day there has been some people who have come out to say that issues such as abortion and rape are off limits. Controversial as it may be, when we look at meaning, should comedians be allowed to talk about whatever they want.

Comedians are known for their sarcastic approach of retelling stories and events. Can they be put under the same questioning of the artists who create their own interpretation of other present-day or historic events. Filmmakers probably are held to a more accountable standard than a comedian would be. But the question remains, where in our society’s perception of meaning do we hold this standard, and can we look at something like comedy, and not take the words of the comedian too literally and become so easily offended.

Deserted Island

Trapped on an Island and  deciding what to bring with me. Whenever I am posed with this question I always think of what would keep me sane for the longest time. The idea of a virtual life in a video  game is definitely intriguing. Through an RPG you could have endless possibilities and keep some sense of connection with the outside world. However I am not a big gamer so I would not know where to start.


I am a very indecisive person and limiting what to bring presents many problems for me. The first thing that came to mind when I was posed this question was a classic scene from one of my favorite T.V. shows, The Office.


This actually prompted me to choose to bring the series of The Office with me. Keep me laughing  to keep me sane.