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I'm an Associate Professor of Philosophy with a personal and professional interest in Popular Culture.

walking dead

Did you like the Governor standing on top of the tank at the fence? Did it remind you of the comicbook issue when he did that? Seems like years ago…and it was cool…I would have liked to have seen a bigger force attacking and I thought the use of the tank was pretty ‘meh’ but a good episode…thoughtful, sad, and full of endings…like when you leave home for the second time…where do you go now? what do you do? will life ever be the same? will you see your friends and family again…and will it be like before? scary stuff…life, that is.


I’m having a wee bit of FB discussion right now with Andrew Wildman and his friends about Gravity. Andrew didn’t like it at all – no character development is his big annoyance. I liked it more the second time around because I thought the existential message ‘hit home’ strongly (you are ultimately alone, and you have to choose whether to accept that or not). One of Andrew’s friends posted a link to this incredible bit…it’s a 7 minute film that was made in addition to what you saw…It is when the Bullock character makes her distress call to earth and gets an answer back…I love this opening and closing pan shot…



Midnight is when it allllll shuts down.

not really, but the last post for possible credit is at midnight tonight (as I was kindly asked to extend it to this time last week.)   If you want me to delete your posts after the course ends, I’ll do that. If you want to continue posting I’m sure that’s fine too…and I guess it could be your blog with more freedom…I’ll ask Brian Lamb about that…

cheers, jeff

sense of importance?

So any tears shed last night over the death of a main character on The Family Guy?

I won’t spoil it (so don’t click on the link above if you don’t want to see who it is). But I notice that some people are complaining about those who are upset, stating that ‘there’s so many horrible things going on in the world, this is what you cry over?’  Surely that sort of comment is far to simplistic…we get attached to characters and tv shows…they become a part of our routine – who is happy when their favourite show ends (assuming that it hasn’t just been dragged out and no longer any good anymore). It’s always upsetting when there is a loss of something you enjoy.

songs for you

I’m working at home as I usually do, listening to lots of music while I write. I thought I might post a few songs over the next while that you might find nice, helpful, encouraging, etc., during this rush to the end of term. Here’s the first one called ‘Keep your head up’. By Ben Howard.

How is this relevant to philosophy? Well, it’s just another way that music has a power that shows us how the combination of words with another form of delivery can reach places within us that simply reading the words on the printed page cannot – thereby showing once again, how wonderfully complex we are 🙂