Archie the Man

It always amazed me in the comic Archie and friends how much the stereotypes were played up.  From the dumb jock,  the nerd,  to the rich snob, the comic really played on the stereotypical forms of their characters. One of the biggest issues I saw in this was the sexism. Archie was a normal guy, and he was continuously being fought over by Betty and Veronica, as well as countless other girls. The women were seen as a nothing more then sex objects and prizes that could be won between Archie and Reggie. I agree that maybe some of the attitudes in the comic were more in sync with the times where the comic was written, but Archie comics kept that idea going for quite a while.

I am not too familiar with comic books, and have actually learned a great deal from class about the content that was published from the early comic book days. I think the sentiments in Archie may have been quite tame compared to some of the other ideas that were put out there, but for such a mainstream comic that has been read for so long, they do have some controversial comics.

However with saying this, Archie did come under fire recently for including a gay kiss, and even a gay marriage.

From the sexism to the homosexuality, is it all just an overreaction? Do comic books even have that much influence in today’s pop culture?

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