Topic Progress:

One more cornerstone in encouraging deeper approaches to learning is ensuring that the assessments in any given course are actually measuring the student’s attainment of the learning outcomes.

The video below describes the importance of constructive alignment between learning activities, assessments and learning outcomes.


Using either one of your own courses or an open course on the internet (Coursera, EdX or another source, preferably in your subject area), create a blog post in which you discuss the following:

  1. What are the intended learning outcomes of the course? Do the learning outcomes reflect high-level cognitive skills or low-level skills (pay attention to the verbs)?
  2. How is student learning assessed in the course (essays, quizzes, journals, machine-gradable tests, portfolios)?
  3. In what ways are the intended learning outcomes and the assessments aligned or not?
  4. Identify 2-3 items or assessments that are worded in such a way that they limit students to a unistructural or multistructural response at best and re-write them so that they require a relational response at worst and include the results in your post.
  5. Once you have published your post, search for posts from others who have completed this activity and leave a comment or two.

Remember to categorize your post with ‘otl101’ and ‘post 3’ so that others can find your post.