Topic Progress:

Given the importance of social presence in online learning, there is a corresponding need to be intentional about what you are doing in your courses to promote social presence. The previous topic highlighted some strategies that faculty can employ to enhance social presence, but that short list is by no means exhaustive.

Your primary task for this lesson is to begin to develop a Learning Activities Portfolio to identify strategies that you are already using and also to record other strategies that you encounter and might want to implement.

To build your portfolio, begin by creating a new category called ‘Learning Activities Portfolio’, or something similarly descriptive.

For each entry in your portfolio, create a new post and add it to the ‘Learning Activities Portfolio’ category.

Each post should contain

  • a link to the source of the activity;
  • a brief description of the activity;
  • your thoughts on how the activity would fit with your teaching practice;
  • helpful resources or links
  • specific ‘next steps’ for how you intend to use what you have learned.

Next, add the ‘Learning Activity Portfolio’ category to your main menu.

Hover over ‘Appearance’ and choose ‘Menus’. Click on ‘Categories’ and select ‘Learning Activity Portfolio’ and click ‘Add to Menu’.

WP Menus

Once the category has been added to the menu, click ‘Save Menu’.

WP Menus 2

There should now be a menu item in your header that links to all of the posts that you have categorized as ‘Learning Activity Portfolio’.

Post 3

Create a new post and link to your Learning Activities Portfolio. You can do this by clicking the portfolio link in the menu, copying the URL and linking to that URL in your post.

By the end of Lesson 2, you should have three entries in your portfolio, two of which should not be listed on the Instructor Strategies topic.

Remember to add the category ‘otl201’ and the tag ‘post 3’.

When you are finished, please mark Lesson 2 as complete and proceed to Lesson 3.