Topic Progress:

Blog Post 2

  1. Read the article Critical Thinking, Cognitive Presence, and Computer Conferencing in Distance Education [zotpressInText item=”{WKDSSEIH}”].
  2. Create a new post and explore a couple of the following questions in relation to the idea of cognitive presence and quality learning experiences in higher education (please be concise):
    • What do you know now that you did not know prior to starting the course?
    • What gaps or discrepancies do you notice between what your Wordle showed in Post 1 and what you have learned so far in Lesson 1?
    • What questions would you like to explore on the topic of cognitive presence?
    • Provide an example of how you have seen effective cognitive presence modeled in online learning.
  3. Use the ‘Categories’ links on the course site to search for posts categorized ‘otl101’ and ‘post 2′ and incorporate the ideas of some other participants in your post (and feel free to leave comments on others’ blogs!)


  • categorize your post as ‘otl101’ and ‘post 2’ so others can find your post, and,
  • publicize your post by sharing it to your social media accounts.

WordPress Tip!

If you compose your posts in WordPress, you can save your post as a draft and return to it later. This can give you time to mull things over, to sleep on your post, to let your ideas steep and clarify. One of the advantages of asynchronous learning environments is that you can take the time to think.


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