Topic Progress:

Before you continue, here is a short checklist of activities you should have completed so far:

  • register for a blog and/or email your blog URL to,
  • chose a theme for your blog (or not, the default is fine),
  • install and activate any plugins that you would like to use.

In lesson 1 there are three primary activities. To begin you need to introduce yourself to others in this Community of Inquiry (CoI). Then you will be guided to explore the idea of cognitive presence, a key component of the model. Lastly you will share your thoughts on how the CoI model, and cognitive presence in particular, are important for promoting student attainment of learning outcomes in online learning.

Blog Post 1

To begin, please create a new post on your own blog and introduce yourself. Your introduction should be an image created at using text gathered from the following online searches and pasted into Wordle:

  1. a description of your favourite vacation spot.
  2. a synopsis of the last novel that you read.
  3. your answers to the following questions in 2-3 sentences:
    • What is the most important characteristic of high quality online learning environments and why it is important?
    • What is one thing that you have learned about teaching online (or face-to-face if you haven’t taught online) in the last year and how has it impacted your practice?
    • What questions do you have about online teaching and learning?

Once you have pasted each of these snippets of text, click ‘Go’, then use the tools at the top of the Wordle to edit the outcome. To post it to your blog, you can either take a screenshot or save it to the public gallery and include a link on your blog.

Below your Wordle, please provide a brief explanation and reflection on the outcome.

WordPress Tip!

Make sure that you add your post to your ‘otl101’ category and ‘Post 1’ sub-category so that others can easily find your post.