Uploading and embedding images and videos

You can easily upload and insert an image from your hard drive into a post or page. Go to an authoring or editing view of your post and look for the “Add Media” button that looks like a camera superimposed on a musical note.

When you click on that button, a dialog box will appear offering you the option to upload an image from your hard drive, or to link directly to a image that is already online. Once you have located your file (whether on your hard drive or online) click on the “Upload” button or the “Insert into Post” button, respectively. Please try to keep the file sizes on uploaded media as small as reasonably possible (1 MB or so). We have limited server space on this site.

You will get a dialog box asking you to title the image, as well as to provide a caption and description (both of which are optional). Once you are done, click on the “Insert into Post” button and you are done.

Important: it is important to abide by Canadian copyright law on this site. Do not upload images you have not taken yourself, or that you do not have permission to upload. You may be permitted to upload images licensed by Creative Commons, but if you do, be sure to provide clear and visible attribution on your post.

As an alternative to uploading media, you might choose to embed an image from your Flickr (or similar image hosting service) account, or from a source of Creative Commons or openline licensed images (such as the Wikimedia Commons).

To embed a video from YouTube, you just paste the URL of the video (eg: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2UWOeBcsJI“) on a line by itself in the authoring interface. It will render as below:

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