Science fiction, the point of view of a sociology student

So I was thinking about the sociological approach that would apply to science fiction if it was ever offered as such a course in the sociology department. First off i would like to say that i was never a science fiction enthusiast but i took this class out of curiosity and in all honesty it’s taught me a few interesting things so here it goes.Sociology is defined as a systematic study of society and social relationships , the common thing that Science fiction and sociology have is the precursor of a Utopian Philosophy. This is often used through literary forms such as voyage;which allows the construction of hypothetical societies, that can appear both as human and nonhuman and teach society new lessons. In our contemporary society displacement also works as a critique of the type of society the author lives in. However this is only a theory of mine seeing as we don’t really know if this was the main purpose of the authors however it is a significant result of the work. Anyway in my opinion studying science fiction through a sociological lense would be an interesting perspective seeing as it would bring the “fiction” aspect and the sociological analysis point through.


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