Science fiction shaping society?

In my opinion, society has absolutely since Star Trek began in 1966 and this started a revolution where society was becoming an advanced medium. The first man walked on the moon, clones where create and synthetic life was now being developed . Our technology is progressing so fast that it is now chanting our society and leading us to a debate over ethical issues and scientific challenges. From someone who had never looked into science fiction in depth i can honestly say that it is starting to scare me just a little. When we consider the effects of the developing technology ,science fiction has been addressing the long-term problems that our society sweeps under the rug. Science fiction movies, books, articles etc…that address creating a new specie, experimenting on animals, robots and such allows us humans to understand ( as well as we can ) what may be waiting for us along the line and shows us how dependent we really are on our technologies and illustrates the misguided concepts we may have .In addition I believe that science fiction was used to shape society, with the use of monsters and the use of aliens, it’s a play on the fear of the unknown which is scary (to me at least!) and that was always used to keep us in check.

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