Science Fiction from a newcomer’s view

I am not very familiar with the genre of science fiction but, of course, I know that it is one of the very popular genres out there right now. I have heard about the Star Wars and Star Trek series which are obviously very popular but, I have not seen either one of them. My understanding of science fiction, previous to taking this course, is simply a novel or film about an imaginary world sometime in the future. Of course I imagined odd creatures, such as aliens, being the main elements of the stories but I am now aware of the fact that the science fiction world is one that is somewhat relate-able to the world we are currently living in but with a fantasy element included. Due to the fact that I am not very familiar with the genre of science fiction, I have essentially steered away from reading science fiction novels and watching science fiction films and television shows. As a result of this course, I have gained a clearer understanding about the meaning behind producing science fiction works and why people enjoy it so much. The fantasy element takes readers or viewers out of their current reality and to a place where things can be somewhat threatening and unusual but, at the same time, exciting and liberating. I am certainly going to start immersing myself more into this genre because it is completely different from what I am used to reading and watching, and I am sure that it is going to open up my world to some pretty unique experiences!

3 thoughts on “Science Fiction from a newcomer’s view”

  1. Science Fiction is a lot like other genre in that it is about the lives of other people often in situations that are fantastical. Even the genres that do not use fantasy or SF they have a sort of magical experience to them that people can enjoy. I think that the best part of any genre or book is examining the life of some one else for a while. SF is great for this because the lives while having some of the same qualities humans bring from there own culture in them also get to explore an imagined culture, for better or worse.

  2. I appreciate this post because i can relate quite well to it and didn’t actually think that much of science fiction but it has broadened my horizons in some form and is quite relatable to sociology

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