Oral Presentation

ENG 3170: Oral Presentation

Science Fiction and Visual Culture

Length: 15 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions and comments

Purpose: (a) to identify, analyze, and explain/interpret a convention/motif of science fiction in a feature film, television advertisement, video game, or television series episode; (b) to make comparisons and contrasts between works of a similar genre, particularly ones studied in class, but not exclusively to them, and to draw conclusions about the work’s relationship to its time period and/or cultural context (c) to develop skills in presenting ideas to a large group.

Format: generally the presentation will consist of a brief talk by a small group of no more than three people based on a film, and a film clip, selected by the group. The presentation should have a unifying idea or thesis about the film’s relationship to its time period and/or cultural context. A Works Cited list should be included.

The presentation should include the following elements:

(1)       relevant historical, cultural background, and introductory information about the film and the filmmaker

(2)       a clear description and analysis of the kind (or sub-genre) of science fiction being presented in the film/film clip and the specific convention or motif that will be highlighted in the presentation.

(3)       comparisons with other narratives or films of the same sub-genre will be useful in order to show how this film/film clip reflects the historical or cultural context (see # 1) in which it was produced.

Evaluation: 15% of the final grade

10 (content: analysis and insight) + 5 (style: use of audio-visual equipment and performance [choice of words, speech rhythm and pace, body language, direct address to the audience])

Keep in mind that the course is about developing critical thinking by encouraging you to see literary works in relation to other literary works of the same kind. The more experience you have of works of the same kind, the better you will be able to see their relationship to each other. Comparisons and contrasts between the works might lead to a deeper appreciation of an artist’s development of the art form and also a fuller awareness of a work’s relationship to its cultural context. The oral presentation is a part of this overall purpose.

If you would prefer to create (a) a mashup, (b) a dramatic re-presentation of a scene from one of the course texts, or (c) explore a variety of web tools (comic strips, GIF, Web maps, memes, etc.) to create visual representations of one of the stories on the course or of a science fiction motif or theme, see me.

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