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Movies and TV shows. Which is the better choice for portraying a zombie apocalypse? When picturing what one would think of on the subject of zombie apocalypse, many images come to mind. For popular Hollywood movies in this day and age, ‘zombies’ are always changing and adapting to survive such as zombies portrayed in ‘Resident Evil’ or the ones in World War Z. Fast moving creatures with signs of intelligence. Where in TV shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’ zombies are at their most basic stage of development showing zero signs of intelligence and only having one ultimate goal.

I believe the way movies have portrayed zombies and continue to do so will destroy the image of zombies. I refuse to believe that Hollywood will just slap a new name on what are clearly a portrayal of ‘zombies’ and just call it something else mocking the audience. The movies leave nothing untouched which makes room for so many adaptations of what ‘zombies’ are, eventually the thought of zombies is going to get carried so far from what it was once originally and potentially ruin the category if it hasn’t already.

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  1. I actually kind of enjoy how open-ended the definition of a zombie is in movies and TV. Different movies and TV shows have different ways of portraying zombies and since zombies aren’t real things, they are all valid. Slow moving zombies are probably more realistic, but faster more aggressive zombies are scarier and frankly more entertaining to me. Both are good in their own way and there is a place in fiction for both.

  2. I never really got zombies… aside from being in a class full of them. I see what you mean and zombies have become ostentatious, the fad… Resident Evil set a precedent yet the movie gave up on the game’s realism, sound funny but fanboys will back me up. Romero’s Dawn of the dead was the movie that started it all. Walking Dead was a comic and still is, then Marvel honestly made me stop reading comics cause of their zombie move. Zombies should be let go, with the exception of the 1990 classic My Boyfriend’s Back, it mixes the necromancer-esque/voodoo with Frankentein… Classic that could or should be remade, or atleast a sequel 25th aniversary… Maybe.

  3. The zombie apocalypse needs to be a comment on society. I think that the slower zombies allow for the struggle of the survivors of the apocalypse to go beyond the brain-eating menace and focus on the consequences of the remnants of the world around them. In The Walking Dead, the survivors deal with social anarchy such as abuse, rape and even cannibalism, which I think is less popular in the fast zombie movies, everyone is too busy running from the Olympic zombies that have an athlete’s size hunger for flesh.
    Also, Hollywood does tend to create things for movies that will keep the viewers’ attention for a couple of hours, and must thus amplify any quality that could be construed as exciting and they intensify it to a point where we are blinded by the action and are not conscious of any plotline taking place. The audience leaves feeling entertained by the visually exciting events that happened on screen, and the simple skeletal plot is overlooked.

  4. Zombies, or at least the first incantation of a specific ‘type’ of zombie, are seemingly always a kind of reactionary motif. Slow everwhelming cold war nuclear zombies, quick and strong viral zombies, depraved and disgusting, amoral, demonic zombies. There like what a dip stick is to engine oil, it like a quick check to see a cultures fears and doubts. I want to see a post-post-apocalyptic movie, where zombies are kind of like an all but forgotten aspect of the past, that formed how society is then built, kind of how humans were in the new planet of the apes. Maybe I’ll just watch planet of the apes again.

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