Interstellar : Perceptions of time and the Human Condition

So last night I watched the movie, Interstellar, and all I have to say is wow. Christopher did a great job in my opinion of interpreting the practical use of time as an additional dimension that we can alter if only we can realise it. The movie comments on the steadfastness of the human race in the face of destruction, by of course, following the lives of several heroes. The first thing that came to mind as I watched was all the different conventions used as we learned in class. Time travel is, of course, particularly dominant in this exploration into space, but there are also conventions of alien contact (technically because they didn’t know at the time), post-apocalyptic earth (not quite dystopian I think but getting there), and most of all a story about human exploration into the unknown. This movie also does a great display of the black hole, and the theories of gravity surrounding it.

So what I’m wondering is what you guys think of the film, some of the ideas behind it and the intertextuality between it and other films. What are the differences between this movie and say, Back to the Future? ¬†¬†Like what do the different films show about our knowledge as a society from 1985 and society now? Comment on other movies that can relate to this and how Nolan did things differently or what the films have to say about eachother.


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