Free Jack: Spirituality in the Movies

I am talking about Fee Jack the movie from 1992. This movie is about a race car driver from his present day pulled into the future to be used by a wealthy man as a replacement for his aging body.The movie has the star have an accident where he is presumed dead, is pulled into the future some 30 years hence. What I see in this movie is the question of what makes up a person. Does not having a body make you not human? Is the thing being saved the essence of the person?downloadT here is a real question about what is ethical in this movie. Can we just zap someone to bring us a new life? I think not.This movie raises the question of controlling your life force and what does happen when the body dies. Can we as humans attempt to control our death even when we are gone?Those this movie is someone cheesy and spoofish it does make me think about what could happen. Many ideas from sci fi have been attempted or done with science.imagesTaking a life to save own without consent is immoral on so many levels.

To hav e a spiritual switchboard seems to take away the movement towards a higher power. Makes it more mechanical and impersonal. Is this what humans are coming to? Hope not.Jagger

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  1. I haven’t seen Freejack, but it sounds like an interesting film! This notion of a person from the future extracting a live replacement body from the past (immediately before the person would otherwise die) seems like an extrapolation of organ donation. Considering the film was released shortly after the Nobel prize was awarded (in 1990) to two scientists for progress made in kidney and bone marrow transplants, I wonder if the film was at all informed/inspired by such scientific developments (and the cultural anxieties/ethical questioning that accompanied them)?

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