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There are now more books in Science Fiction and other genres made to be about a movie that has come out. This is not necessarily a bad thing as many people may like a movie that has come out are interested in a more in-depth look into the characters. However; when that book is based off a movie that is loosely based off of another book is it still a good idea. Recently there has been talk of having a movie about the Infinity Gauntlet. After speculation has gone on for some time it was announced that the movie would be made. Now to go with this movie we will be having not just a reprinting of the original story but an entire new story that will be going more along the lines of the movie.

Fans of the series are concerned because so far it seems like the plan is to change the story not only for the movie but also for the marvel cannon. The excitement for many of the fans who knew the original comic was about how well written the comic was. If the new comic comes out to follow a movie plot many of the characters from the original story will be left out. As the original story contained many less know space heroes (or cosmic heroes as it is referred to by fans) many may be left out. Should this concern people? Is it fine to replace book classics with new versions of the story so it can fit the movie? Marvel comics is not the first to make this leap in replacing an original story with out that will fit the movie they are just the latest. I want to here what you guys think about this trend. Good? Bad? or Inevitable?

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  1. I may not know a lot about Marvel comics (I’m a movie fan when it comes to superheroes), but I know that if something like this happened to a novel I loved I would be furious. While the content of a story has to be condensed/changed in the book–>movie transformation, the book is still the book. Ender’s Game was a fantastic movie, but if someone were to publish a book based off the movie, it just wouldn’t work. The entire tone of the novel would be totally different.
    I think Marvel might be going on the right track to modify the movies for the parts of their audience who aren’t familiar with heroes who have not been on the big screen yet, but they should keep the comic books and the canon the way it was before.

  2. I agree with Erin42, there are some things that need to be altered for a book to be made into a movie but I don’t think that means that they should create an all new book to fit the movie. When books are made into movies its so they can appeal to a broader audience, to those people who don’t usually read or aren’t familiar with the stories and minor adaptions to make the story more appealing overall are understandable, but if the story is being changed so drastically that another separate book can be written then I don’t think that is the best way to go.

  3. I also agree with Erin42, I believe there is little integrity left in attempting to follow the books scene for scene. I’m going to relate this to the making of the Hobbit movies because I don’t know Marvel so well, I love the Hobbit movies but at the same time don’t because they left out so much from the books that would have been great in the movies. I think this is where the new audience comes in (the ones who have no knowledge of the books) and watch the movie and understand the story for the first time. For this category of people which is probably the majority of Hollywoods target audience won’t know the difference, and for myself, reading the books just makes me appreciate the them more after watching the movies.

  4. Based on contractual status particular characters have to be pulled from the original canon thus making the movies stray from the source material. The marvel cinematic universe adjusts itself accordingly. The infinity gauntlet, sadly, has to be cut up, because in the canon Silver Surfer and Dr. Strange find Thanos. But this infinity gauntlet allows the new Guardians to introduce Drax and Gamora, who kill Thanos(well Gamora) as the old Guardians lead by Adam Warlock interact with Silver Surfer… screw it just watch the movies.

    1. I’m not saying the movie won’t be great it will but I was just using marvel as an example of books coming out based on a movie that was first based on a book. Actually I saw a book based on a movie that was based off the original book in a book store and it made me think. I was just wondering what people thought about books based on movies coming out that replace the original book the film was based on. In movies lots has to be cut out when you make them thus I can only think that a book based on that will have the same things cut out. If this is true should we except the idea of making books based on movies based on other books. These new books will likely lack all the things that made people love them and be excited to see the movie. Those who loved the movie and never read the book can do so afterwards but what if they all just read the movie based book now, instead of the original?

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