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Technology and the death of humanity

I have looked at a few of these posts regarding technology and fear and so far not in one does anyone mention that the fear associated with technology might be because when something new comes about whatever it replaced dies out and becomes a shadow of its former self via obsolescence, a technological Darwinism if you will.

Looking back at history we see this over and over again, the bow and arrow eventually loses out to gunpowder, the wooden warships of the previous centuries rendered useless by the advent of new steel and iron ships, propeller plans replaced with jet engines the list goes on. With this in mind does it not serve to reason that given our current technological growth that humanity will eventually be in the same boat?

Looking through popular Science Fiction two of the biggest examples of this are the Matrix obviously from the movie of the same name, and Skynet from the Terminator franchise. In both instances technology has grown to a point where humans are no longer relevant and have therefore essentially died out, with the survivors being used in the case of Terminator as organic slave labour and as fuel in the matrix.

To me it is a curious idea to think about that technology will be the death of the human race not through an apocalyptic even but through the slow process of obsolescence, because after all are we not in some way a biological tech upgrade to our ancestors?