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“Her” Evolution of machines

I recently watch “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore and the voice talents of Scarlett Johansson as Samantha and it kind of inspired me to write an entry.

It was interesting to see the take on how society will be so dependent and engulfed by technology to  fill human voids of emotion.

The “O.S.” is an artificial intelligence operating system that simulates a human being in personality. Theodore feels as if he needs someone in his life in order to cope with his ongoing divorce, so he gets an “O.S” that calls herself Samantha.

The two (Theodore and Samantha) begin a relationship that is complicated to say the least. Samantha struggles with not being a physical human and Theodore belittles her knowledge of the human condition because she is an operating system.

It was interesting that Samantha evolved to see being human as a weakness because of the inevitability of expiration. She evolved to not only love, but love on a higher level than is humanly possible. When she and the other “O.S.’s” left, it was a bit vague as to why but I think this was to display the fact that their destination went beyond human knowledge.

What I am wondering is if the evolution of machines will inevitably become an evolution that surpasses human capabilities and will we therefore become the machines’ history? This may be a loaded question, but I think it is wise to see that Darwinism may come into play in the fact that our weaknesses may not be the same for machines and our biological downfall may make room for a new top of the food chain.

In this movie, our intense need to connect led to the creation of an operating system that evolved pass human comprehension and beyond its own programming. It left the humans behind still searching for emotional satisfaction in a sort of deprived stasis.