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AI- The Next Step In Evolution?

The movie Artificial Intelligence from 2001, has been revived in the forefront of my mind after various readings exploring the scientific elements of dystopia worlds set in the future. A couple examples of pieces that we have looked at that adopt this element are, “The Girl Who Was Plugged In” and Neuromancer.

The following clip is a trailer from the 2001 movie, Artificial Intelligence that I earlier mentioned:

At the beginning of this movie the narrator describes the depletion of natural resources in the plot’s representation of futuristic society. In order for the preservation of the limited existing resources pertaining to this future to be possible, there is a restriction on the number of children each family is allowed to have. A solution to this restriction, and to fulfill the human desire of love that equates with raising children, an artificial intelligence in the shape of a child is created as a being that the narrator describes as somewhat a higher functioning being than humans: “never ill, never changing”. By the end of the movie we are looking even further into the future (that being the future of the future world we are given at the beginning of the movie) as we discover that in this world, it is not possible to produce human life due to the reliance humans have on resources such as food and water, and the lack thereof due to mankind’s exploitation of them due to mass consumerism. The Earth, by this time will be entirely occupied by a robotic species that is not reliant on natural resources and just as capable of human emotions as the human race had been. What I find interesting in this movie is to see how human productivity prepares for its own extinction as implied in the trailer’s visual message: “Discover the next step in evolution”.


Even if we align Darwinian theory of evolution with the replacement of the human race with AIs it could prove plausible. The construction of AIs in this example would fit nicely into what Ken had showed us as a Darwinian theorized “other”.

If the human race cannot decrease the intake of natural resources whilst undergoing their exploitation, the only species that will survive will be the species that is fit to survive in a world where natural resources are redundant.


Gibson’s exploration of AI in Neuromancer touches on the limitation AIs have in their programming:

“How smart’s an AI, Case?  Depends. Some aren’t much smarter than dogs. Pets. Cost a fortune anyway.  The real smart ones are as smart as the Turing heat is willing to let ‘em get” (Page 95).

However, the word “cost” draws on the dominant capitalist society humans are living in, and suggests the AI’s demand amongst consumers. The preference of AIs to humans is disturbingly represented here…

Therefore, do you believe that Gibson’s representation of AI reflects the same fate of evolution that is suggested in the AI film of 2001?ai

Through our consumerism, are we discrediting all aspects of the human race by provoking a market targeting human betterment that will eventually conclude on human replacement?