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“Issue of the Totem”

‘Inception’ is a revolutionary science fiction adaptation. It takes viewers into the depths of our subconscious thought, in dreams, and dreams within dreams.  In this universe one can tap into the mind of another and plant thoughts that grow into realities. With this new technology comes risk though, the risk of being stuck in ‘limbo’. A very interesting concept to grasp that while in the mind of another, in the dream state, or as seen in the film a dream within several other dreams, the possibility of being stuck in the bottommost dream or otherwise known as the ‘limbo’ state.  In the movie, 5 minutes in the real world works out to 1 hour in the dream world, therefore by entering several dreams within other dreams the time grows exponentially and eventually leading to ‘limbo’. Things can get confusing when always entering and exiting the dream state this is where ‘totems’ come in.

“A totem is an object used to test if one is in one’s own reality (dream or non-dream) and not in another person’s dream.”(Retrieved from: In other words, a totem is a significant part of the collection of anyone performing inception. However there is one flaw with the totem, if one enters the dream of another, everything must be physically changed to order perform inception successfully. Why must one carry a totem and subconsciously recreate the totem when entering a dream instead of just not having the totem in the dream in the first place. If you don’t have the totem when entering a dream then you will always know you’re in dream if you don’t have the totem.


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Movies and TV shows on ‘Zombies’

Movies and TV shows. Which is the better choice for portraying a zombie apocalypse? When picturing what one would think of on the subject of zombie apocalypse, many images come to mind. For popular Hollywood movies in this day and age, ‘zombies’ are always changing and adapting to survive such as zombies portrayed in ‘Resident Evil’ or the ones in World War Z. Fast moving creatures with signs of intelligence. Where in TV shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’ zombies are at their most basic stage of development showing zero signs of intelligence and only having one ultimate goal.

I believe the way movies have portrayed zombies and continue to do so will destroy the image of zombies. I refuse to believe that Hollywood will just slap a new name on what are clearly a portrayal of ‘zombies’ and just call it something else mocking the audience. The movies leave nothing untouched which makes room for so many adaptations of what ‘zombies’ are, eventually the thought of zombies is going to get carried so far from what it was once originally and potentially ruin the category if it hasn’t already.

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