Weeks 10-11 (Mar 16-29) ~ Assign 3: Online Seminars


Your group will facilitate the week-long seminar that you have created for your fellow students based on the facilitation plan and topic you and your group have developed. As with any group endeavor there will be different roles played throughout the activity. Do try to offer each team member a facilitation role (guiding a synchronous session, preparing and/or moderating an online resource, responding to questions from participants…).

You will participate in the online activities that your colleagues present.

This assignment will also provide you with the opportunity to receive feedback on your week-long seminar and its facilitation plan, and to practice the role of facilitator by providing constructive feedback on the online activities of others in the course. Depending on the class size, you may be divided into smaller groups for this part of the assignment. You might consider designing a survey using one of the online survey tools.

When giving feedback, try to start with words of acknowledgment and encouragement, as well as providing enabling questions and maybe one or two suggestions. When people try a creative task, they might be sensitive about the result, so be tactful in the feedback provided. Monitor feedback from other participants about posted activities and intervene if unhelpful or judgmental comments are made. Model how constructive feedback can be given by providing a few enabling questions and meaningful suggestions. You can provide can provide more detailed feedback privately.

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