Week 8 (Mar 2-8) ~ Assign 2: Facilitation Plan


In this assignment you will design a week-long seminar that you will use to practice the facilitation skills and implement the facilitation philosophy and methods you have been learning about and reflecting on in the course. The facilitation plan must be based primarily on one model, but you can include aspects of other models as you see would best fit your personal philosophy and teaching style. If you do include methods from other that your primary facilitation model, please identify the model from which the aspect was drawn).

This will also be an opportunity to get feedback from your instructor on the facilitation plan you develop, and which you will present to the other participants in this course.  Emphasis will be placed on student engagement and motivation, creating collaborative and interactive experiences, and gaining practical experience for the online activity that you design. It is helpful to re-read through the course assignment assessment criteria/rubrics to help centre and direct your planning.


Design a facilitation action plan on a specific topic including stated outcomes, processes, activities, and tools that will be used in an online learning environment. Your plan should be consistent with the philosophy for online learning that you have developed and the facilitation model you identified earlier in the course and should include reference to your KWL chart.

You will need to include both asynchronous and synchronous components.

You will need to describe the online environment that you will use to support your learners, including the components you intend to include such as additional readings, discussion forums, and links to resources such as related presentations and videos.

You may include a guest speaker as a subject expert if you wish.

If you have experience or feel confident, you are welcome to design a completely original week-long seminar, but you also have the option of adapting an existing activity. You are encouraged to enrich the activity by using photographs, drawings, movie or audio files to help communicate your ideas.

Your topic could be your take on the lesson you plan to facilitate as part of your group. This would mean that while some elements of your plan would be the same as others in your group, the elements relating to personal online teaching facility and your KWL chart would be unique to you.

Your topic can be something you currently teach, but in an online context.

Lastly you could plan a facilitated lesson based on a topic of interest to others in this course. Some suggested topics are:

  • How students can use their personal learning environment and informal learning in a formal course setting
  • How instructors can use their personal learning environment in a formal course setting
  • Groups versus networks in learning
  • Learning managment systems versus open learning environments
  • Mobile learning
  • The value of synchronous sessions in an online course
  • Pedagogies you can use in online learning that are not available in non-technology-supported learning
  • The importance of pedagogy over technology tools

You must submit your facilitation plan to your instructor by the end of Week 8.

Facilitation Plan—Suggested Outline

As a guide to designing your week-long seminar, you could use the following structure:

  • Activity title: Give your activity a clear and relevant title.
  • Learning outcome(s): Decide what you want participants to learn by doing this activity. Take into account participants’ prior knowledge and experience as well as their current contexts.
  • Purpose: Identify the purpose of the activity. State the purpose clearly and concisely.
  • Task: Outline the task that participants will be required to do. The task should be short enough to enable most participants to complete the task with ease in the given time period.
  • Instructions: Provide clear instructions. State whether students will be required to work individually or in groups.
  • Tools: Identify the online communication technologies that participants will require to complete the task (e.g. Elluminate, chat, discussion forums, email, Wiki). Identify the tools used and the purpose for using them.
  • Motivation: Identify motivational strategies you will use in your plan (refer to your work in week 7).
  • Support Strategies: Identify strategies for supporting your learners (refer to your work in week 8).
  • Time: Provide guidelines about when the task should be completed and how much time will be required by the participants.

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