Week 7: Activity 2 (Self-Directed) – Online Teaching/Facilitation Scenarios

There are many possible online facilitation scenarios including discussion forums, live events, Google Wave, and blog postings with comments from readers. Each type of scenario presents itself with a different type of facilitation role. For example, in the blogging scenario, the person who makes the blog posting has ultimate control, but you as the facilitator may have to jump in and add to the conversation, encourage contributors, and moderate conflicts.

Consider the area/s of online education that you want to pursue or learn more about. Explore the examples of online interactions listed below as best fit your personal goals. You may want to note or identify best practice examples to include in your own online facilitation practice:

  • The setting (ex. K-12 course, Higher Education course, Online Seminar, Community of Practice etc.)
  • Who the facilitator was (there may be multiple facilitators)
  • The type of interactions that took place including whether the interactions were synchronous or asynchronous
  • Evidence that participants were engaged
  • Evidence that the interactions were on task or topic
  • If the facilitator identifies areas of agreement in the discussions and consolidates them for the group
  • The aspects of best practice for online facilitation that were used as identified in the facilitation model you have chosen. For example, did the facilitator use any motivational techniques like encouragement of sharing of ideas, constructive criticism, and praise.
  • Technical problems that the facilitator had to solve and how they did it
  • How the facilitator ensured the students/participants were confident the environment was trustworthy
  • If the environment was student/participant or facilitator centred?
  • Evidence that learning was occurring

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