Week 1: Activity 1 – Creating your personal learning WordPress blog.

If this is your first course in the program, you will have received an email with your url, login and password for your EDDL course blog. If you already have a blog from a previous EDDL course, you will use that blog for this course, with the ‘EDDL 5141’ category for republishing posts on the course blog (if you have trouble accessing your blog, please contact the instructor).

If you are not familiar with the WordPress blogging environment, now is the time to look at the tutorials and other WordPress “getting started” information that has been provided for you (look under WordPress Basics for this). If you need more help you can also search on YouTube for more WordPress how-to videos.

One of the first things you will want to do is go to the administration or dashboard page of your blog and pick a theme that suits you from the Appearance menu. You should also look at the other settings, especially the Discussion settings. The way in which you enable the Discussion settings will have a big impact on your experience with the course. You can choose to allow only members of this site to comment, or leave it wide open for anyone to comment.  If you allow no comments, your interaction with others is going to be very limited. You might want to start slowly with this and see how it goes. If you allow comments, it’s  a good idea to require, at a minimum, that a comment author have a previously-approved comment.

Comments on blogs are a notorious source for spam attacks, and you will need to be diligent about checking comments for spam if you  allow comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. If you are getting a lot of spam, ask your instructor about other ways of blocking spam such as using the Akismet plugin or a Captcha. Also, check out these tips from Edublogs on recognizing and minimizing spam.

3 Responses to Week 1: Activity 1 – Creating your personal learning WordPress blog.

  1. Sue K. says:

    My name is Sue K. (I am taking another TRU course at the same time so I thought, since there are 2 Sues in that courses, I would just be consistent). I teach at a university and my goal is to retire from my f-f course teaching and change to an on-line forum.
    We live in Vancouver but have a 2nd place in Az. so I would, hopefully, be able to teach on-line instead of f-f.
    I look forward to ‘speaking’ with you all.

  2. Michelle Harrison says:

    Hi Sue,

    Welcome to the course – it sounds like you have a lot of experience teaching in a traditional classroom, so will look forward to see your perspectives on how you make the shift to online. Teaching from Arizona in the winter sounds like a great idea :). Looking forward to your first post on your blog! I did add a third activity for the week as well, so we can get started on thinking about our teaching practice as we get used to the learning environment.

  3. astrickland says:

    Hey Sue

    That sounds like an awesome opportunity to teach online and enjoy the nice weather at the same time. I look forward to ‘speaking’ to you as well.
    Welcome to the course.


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