Moving into Week 2

Hello Everyone!

We are moving into week 2 of the course, and so far we have introductory posts from everyone and a start on discussing the online manifesto (some great posts from Tashmyra and Fabian) so head to activity 3 if you have not yet had a chance. Please also welcome your fellow learners to the course!

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This week you will read, consider and start to formulate your own personal philosophy of online teaching and learning.  Paulo Freire once proposed that without determining a personal philosophy of how one wants to teach, while embedding the learning theories they value, all practice will be mediocre. While a single learning philosophy that applies solely to online teaching and learning has not yet been created, your readings this week will build awareness of the established and emerging philosophy trends. Online teaching and learning environments, as compared to a classroom or face to face (f2f) school setting, can offer opportunity to approach teaching and learning in unique and creative ways. One of the statements from the manifesto for online teaching is “Distance is a positive principle, not a deficit. Online can be the privileged mode.” How can this statement inform our philosophical approaches? During the coming weeks you will explore the different models and approaches to online teaching and the ways that different educators approach the unique learning spaces we can create. The personal philosophy you develop for yourself will offer a foundation on which to base your online teaching practice and will be an important influence as you design and plan your group facilitation project.

Collaborate session

It looks like Wednesday at 6 pm is the best time to try to get together in a “one time/one space” session.

We will use Collaborate, a tool that is designed to create a “virtual” classroom space. One of the big drawbacks is that there is a multi-step process you need to follow to get into the room. You will be prompted to install a”the launcher” (takes a few minutes), accept java, and possibly have to accept a security warning.

For a step-by-step walk through click on the following document:

Participating in Collaborate

The room will be open from 3 pm and 9 pm if you do want to go in ahead of time. If you have not been a part of a session, it is best if you have a headset and microphone for audio contributions. You can click on the following to join the room.

Join Collaborate Session


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