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Hi everyone,

A  quick update and overview as we move into week 3. I wanted to welcome Jennifer who joined us late last week from China – she is busy catching up and getting her blog updated, so you should see her feed coming in in the next few days.


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We had our first Collaborate session last Wednesday. We had a few technical glitches (my slides would not load, and no recording) but it was great to meet those who could join at that time – Tashmyra, Fabian and Arlene, and we chatted a bit about goals, assessments and tools.

A few things to highlight as there was no recording:

  • Assignment 1 is due at the end of week 4. We talked about adding some flexibility to this assignment, so that you can develop it not just as a paper, but as a video, audio, other multimedia overview, your own manifesto! or a series of reflective blog posts. As long as you can provide a rationale and evidence, tied to readings and theoretical underpinnings that we have covered you can choose the format. I will take a look at the marking rubric this week to make sure it fits with this flexible approach – will post an update on the assignments page in the next few days.
  • Final project – we chatted about whether or not you want to approach this as a whole group or in two smaller groups. To brainstorm some ideas about what this final facilitation project will look like I have added a “pirate pad” to the final project description page for us to start chatting about it. I started out with a few ideas. Please add to it (add your name in).
  • More live sessions. We were thinking 5 pm Wed. two weeks after our last session – so that would be next week (Feb 4th). You could comment on this post to let everyone know if that would work.
  • Weekly summary (weaving) practice. One facilitation technique that you will explore further in weeks 5 and 6 is weaving – a way of summarizing discussions that highlights the contributions from everyone in the course. I will do the first few (will wait this week until everyone has posted their philosophy and response to the manifesto), but it is a great opportunity to practice during this course, so would like everyone to sign up to do one week (let’s start after week 3).

A few things we didn’t discuss:

    • Discussions and Blog postings 15% – a big part of this course is exploring the concepts and ideas through others perspectives and experiences. Reading and commenting on each others posts is a big part of this, so go visiting or start a conversation on this post in the main blog. I will get you to do a formative self-assessment in about week 6, so make sure you take a look at the marking criteria.

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  • Anyone using twitter? Any interest in seeing how it might work in a course? Add your comments below, or start us off by using the hashtag #eddl5141 and posting something related to the course this week.

Moving to Week 3

There are quite a few readings for this week, and a reflective blog post on some of the similarities and differences in the teaching roles for online and F2F, but also a consideration of the main role of an online teacher. How do the readings for this week inform or change your thoughts about this role?

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  1. astrickland says:

    Next Wednesday 5pm for another collaborate session works great for me. Looking forward to talking to you all then.

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