Assignments and Assessment

1. Philosophy of Online Teaching (20%)

Drawing on your readings and experiences as an online student, provide an outline of your philosophy for online teaching and learning. Identify the theoretical underpinnings of your philosophy, how this has changed during your experiences as an online learner or teacher, and how you will use it to shape your online teaching strategies.

Update January 28th

As discussed in our live session and in my week 3 post the format of this assignment is up to you. A paper, a series of blog posts, presentation (audio/video), your own manifesto, or …. can be used, as long as you provide an accompanying rationale that identifies the elements outlined in the above paragraph. The rubric below has been updated so that it is focused on ideas, not just writing.

EDDL 5141_A1_rubric_28Jan2015

2. Facilitation Plan (15%)

Construct a facilitation plan using one of the models that we have explored in the course. In your plan you will need to identify your role, outline the activities you propose, provide an explanation of how this follows the model you have chosen and how you and your group will organize the week’s activities.

Assignment 2 Marking Criteria

3. Online Facilitation Seminar (50%)

Design and deliver a week-long online activity that demonstrates the use of instructional strategies to enhance learning in an online environment. Your project will include:

  • A description of the learning philosophy and facilitation model/s  that underpin your project design (supported by the literature)
  • An explanation of how the technologies used enhance the learning of students
  • A reflection on your facilitation experience to identify positive experiences and areas for growth

You will be given a chance to start planning this group activity early in the course, and additional planning time before the seminar is delivered. This project has to be kept in the forefront of your thoughts throughout the course.

January 21st update: Click on this link “Pirate Pad” to go the brainstorm for putting together this final project.


EDDL 514_A3_Rubric

4. Discussions and Blog Postings (15%)

Students will actively participate in the online discussions throughout this course. You will engage in reflective self-assessment and plan for continuous improvement.

You are building your learning community by participating in online discussions, contributing to your blog and commenting on your fellow learners’ blogs, as well as using sites in the educational community for your readings, and researching  current and emerging issues in facilitation of online educational settings. These interactions form the common communication in an online “learning community.” You may want to explore learning communities a bit further. A helpful place to learn more is Creating a Personal Learning Network with Web 2.0 Tools.

Assignment 4 Rubric

Assignment 4_Rubric (Word document)

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