Collaborate and Twitter

Hi everyone,

The link to the session that we had on Wednesday evening is now on the right hand navigation. There are two options once you click on the link – you can view the recording within the tool itself or as an MP4 recording. Jennifer, I think the Mp4 version might work better for you – sorry that you were not able to get into the session. We may want to try another tool for our next session (in Week 6?) – some options are Google hangouts (not sure that would work in China?), bluejeans. Anyone have any other suggestions?

It was just Tashmyra and I, and we talked a bit about the assignment and the final project.

I also had a few questions about microblogging and twitter:

  • Do you use it? For personal use or in your teaching?
  • Why would you use it in a course? I provided a twitter link to a blog post by Howard Rheingold that outlines some of the uses.
  • Can you think of an activity that would use microblogging for Weeks 5 and 6?

Post your comments below!

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