Week 7: Activity 1

Have a look at some of the digital storytelling resources and then create a short digital story that you can use as an exemplar with your students (as an example of the completed project you are assigning to them) or colleagues, or that serves to present content for a learning objective. Your digital story might be created from video or it could combine photos, graphics and audio. Write a blog posting that describes the process that you used including hardware and software used, resources that you found or created, and the steps you followed in creating your story. Embed or link to your digital story in your blog posting so that others can see what you have come up with. Can you see digital storytelling being an important part of learning in your classroom? How might you use storytelling, or if you don’t see the value, why not?

You can dive right into this activity or wait until the video unit to complete it.

Before you publish your blog posting, add it to the category eddl513.

If you find any great digital storytelling resources or great examples while you are doing your investigation, share them with us in a blog post.

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