Week 3: Activity 1

Crop a photo

For this activity take a photo and crop it (alter the boundaries to make it more useful for your purpose). You can either find a photo that you have permission to use (ie. on Flickr with a Creative Commons license) or use a photo of your own.

To crop the photo use software like Gimp or an online tool like SumoPaint. Create a blog post and embed the image in the post along a short description of the rationale behind the crop that you made.

Crop a photo with SumoPaint

  1. Go to SumoPaint at http://www.sumopaint.com and select the free version.
  2. Once SumoPaint loads, select ‘File > Open file from computer’, browse to the appropriate fiel on your computer and select it.
  3. Once your uploaded image appears in the SumoPaint work area, you may want to enlarge your canvas and increase the magnification of your image in order to more accurately crop your image.
  4. Select the ‘crop’ tool from the ‘Tools’ menu at the left and draw a rectangle around the portion of the image you want to keep.
  5. Once you have cropped your image, save your file by selecting ‘File’, ‘Save to My Computer…’. To preserve your original file, save the cropped file with a new file name.

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