Advanced Interactive Media

Interactive Multimedia

This is an example and explanation of an advanced interactive media object that can be produced and hosted on a web server. Feel free to try making your own version of this learning object if you are comfortable working with HTML and JavaScript (or if you’re comfortable with altering the HTML and JavaScript provided) and you have a place to host it as WordPress will scrub JavaScript functions from your pages (you can play around with it on Mozilla Thimble however).

The learning object below presents text and images on the lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly. Try it out and consider different content that you could usefully present in this form. To see how it was built go to the Mozilla Thimble page at:

See another example of this type of object at: and

Optional Activity

Develop some content to create a learning object using the layout of the example above. Your images will need to be hosted on the internet. The Media Library on your blog will serve this purpose – be sure to note the exact URLs of your images. Follow the comments in the code for the project in Mozilla Thimble (linked above) to see where you can substitute your own content for that existing. If you create an account you can save your version right within Mozilla Thimble. Otherwise put your new webpage up on another web server or contact the instructor to get it up on the web.

Put up a blog post linking to your new creation inviting others to see the new learning object and leave their comments and suggestions.

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