Week 3: Activity 2

Create and Comment on Educational Graphics

We will be using blogs for this activity but you could also use Flickr. Create a Flickr Account here.

Part One

After watching and reading this week’s required resources, create one or two educational graphics using some of the principles, actions and tools described in the Graphics for Learning video. Post your graphic to your blog or Flickr (if you don’t have one you will need a Flickr account). Add a description to the graphic that lists a learning objective that the graphic supports, sets out the type of educational graphic you created and the principles, actions and tools you hoped to employ with it.

Make sure your post is open for commenting. If you use Flickr give your graphic(s) the tag eddl513 and make a short blog post with the same tag to let everyone find it (ie. provide a link).

Part Two

Once you have posted your graphic, find graphics posted by your fellow students and make some constructive comments on their work including the principles, actions, and tools they used from the Graphics for Learning video.

Part Three

Towards the end of the unit on graphics, make a comment on your own post reflecting on (a) the process you used to create the graphic (ie. everything from brainstorming to building the image to getting it onto your blog post) and (b) your observations arising from looking at the graphics created by other students and the comments shared on all these blog posts.

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