Week 2: Activity 3

Resource Analysis

Once you have found an exemplary media piece, do an analysis of the resource and include:

  • A list of the media used in the resource – what are the components?
  • What educational context could the media resource be used in?
  • Note anything in the media resource that would limit the context that it could be used in.
  • Describe what makes the media resource pedagogically sound.
  • Describe the kind of software that is required to produce the media example you have chosen.
  • Describe the hardware items, beyond a multimedia capable computer, that are required to produce the resource.
  • Describe the skills needed to produce the resource.

Create a blog posting that includes a reference of link to the resource and your analysis of the media object. Also have a look at what others have contributed in their blog postings. Place this post in the ‘EDDL 5131’ category.

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