Week 11: Optional Activity

When you create a media piece for learning, do you consider how it might be used by students with different abilities? If you’ve created an image, how might it be interpreted by a visually impaired student? How might your video be perceived by a student who couldn’t hear the sound-track?

The field of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is enabling educators to design media pieces that can be effective for students with different abilities. This can be accomplished in the digital world much more effectively than in the world of textbooks and 16mm film.

As an optional activity, consider one of the media pieces you are creating for this course, or one that you have used or seen used in the past. In a short post explore how you might make the this media piece effective for differently abled students. Specify the learning outcome the media piece supports and the type of learner challenge you would design for. You don’t need to come up with the ultimate solution, just explore the possibilities.

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