Week 10: Activity 4

Do a minimum of one of the following:

Try out an online photo sharing, video sharing, or file storage site of your choice. Try a site that you have never used before and write about it in your course blog. Describe the site including whether there is an associated cost, what the upload and storage limitations are, if any, and what the key features are. Tell us what you liked and disliked about the site and whether or not the site would be appropriate for students to use as either consumers or creators of media.

Give us your thoughts on sharing the resources you create with others in your course blog. Do you currently share resources with your colleagues and/or in a more public venue like TeacherTube or Flickr? Are you for or against open licensing of educational resources so that others can reuse and remix what you have created? Explain your position.

After watching Gardner Campbell’s presentation and listening to what his says about a personal cyberinfrastruction, what are your thoughts? Do you think these ideas have merit? Are you going to go out and create your own space on the Web where you can store your personal and educational artifacts? Why or why not? Share your ideas in your course blog.

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