Video Resources

Video Editors

Shotcut free multi-platform video editor for Windows or Mac

iMovie usually free with your Mac OS but can be purchased (also for iPad).

Video Hosting, Broadcast, Tutorials and Screencasting

Youtube – share and embed online video

uStream (IBM Cloud Video) – live video broadcasting

Skype – online audio and video conferencing

Screencast-O-Matic – capture video of the action on your screen (best for Windows or Mac)

Screencast-O-Matic tutorial

More video tools

More screencasting tools free tutorials Camera Shots

Videomaker. Basic Training: The 9 Classic Camera Moves Lighting Tutorials

Wistia. Lighting on the Fly: A minimal and flexible philosophy for lighting your video.

Allan, P. (2015). How to Improve Your Photos and Videos with Affordable Lighting. Lifehacker. Audio Tutorials

Wistia. (n.d.). Recording Audio for Business Videos: Make sure your message is crystal clear by making your video sound as good as it looks.

Shotcut Tutorials

Basic Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (if you still have Windows Movie Maker installed)

Basic iMovie HD Tutorial

IMovie HD Tutorial (official tutorials)

Wistia. (n.d.). Editing Basics for Business Video: A guide to some basic editing theories that you can apply in any software.

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