Week 1: Activity 3


Throughout this course we will be creating and modifying media. You may have have various applications that you use when working with images, audio or video, or you may be completely new to this realm. Below are free applications that I would recommend for this course and for your future use as an enthusiastic educator working with media. In each category there are better applications available for a cost. In many cases there are also web-based applications that we may also explore

If you don’t have time to download and isntall these applications now you will be reminded about them at the appropriate unit. Activity instructions will reflect these applications and, perhaps the web-based applications.



Gimp. A full-featured image editing application that is freely available for Windows and Mac machines. Note: if you are installing this application on a Mac pay close attention to the download and installation instructions.

Inkscape. Inkscape is a free professional graphics development program for Windows and Mac computers.


Sumopaint. A full-featured web-based graphics editing and production application.

Draw.io. A full-featured web-based drawing application aimed towards drafting or technical drawings, though any simple illustration could be created.

Google Drawings. A google account will be needed for this relatively simple but very functional tool.


Audacity. A widely used, open-source audio recording and editing application for Windows and Mac.


Windows & Mac

Shotcut. This open-source video editing and production program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mac & iOS

iMovie. This application usually comes with your Mac OS 10 software. If your Mac does not have it you can purchase it at the link below (around $15?). There is also a version for iPads.


YouTube Video Editor. YouTube provides an online video editor (you’ll need a YouTube account of course).

Video format transfer

HandBrake. This free software will transfer almost any video file type to the popular MP4 or M4V formats. It’s also handy for changing the frame size and frame rate.

Video players

Most current web browsers have the ability to play audio and video files. All you have to do is enable the menu items that will let you open a media file on your computer. VLC is the best media player for all types of audio and video downloaded onto your computer. If VLC doesn’t play it, it probably isn’t media.

VLC Video Player. This video player will play any file type.

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