Week 1: Activity 2

Make an Impression

Since this is a media related course, here is a chance to get creative. Create a blog post to introduce yourself, including a brief bio and tell everyone what you are currently doing in your work and/or educational endeavours. Let us know if you are in the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning or the Master of Education program. Finally, tell us about your expectations for this course.

Your blog post could include a presentation with audio, a video, or another form of media produced using an online tool. If you aren’t ready to jump right into these media tools, then your introductory blog post can consist of text plus a picture.

Tools to consider might include:

If you create a media piece, then link to it or embed it in your introductory blog post. If your media piece does not include a photo, then also add one to the posting. If you have a Website, blog or any other materials you may have already published on the Web, consider providing the links for them. Also include your email address in your introduction, but you may want to format it in such a way as to prevent the spam bots from harvesting your address. Ex. Jsmith|at|gmail|dot|com You can also use a graphics program or web-based application that will turn your email address into an image so that it cannot be read as text.

Before you publish your introduction, make sure you include the posting in the “EDDL 5131” category.

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