Is There Any Proof?

Creating a multimedia resource can be an involved process, taking a lot of time and effort. Is it worth the effort? Is there any evidence that using and creating multimedia resources in the learning process enhances learning beyond what text or speaking does? You can probably assume that the answer is yes, otherwise why would there be a whole course about using multimedia in the curriculum? There are some interesting questions though:

  • Are there research-based best practices for creating a multimedia learning resources? What are they?
  • Can a multimedia resource contain too much media?
  • Is there ever a time when adding audio or video to a learning resource is a learning distraction?

The following slide presentation by Rani Gill titled Learning Design for the Brain – Multimedia Principles is mostly based on the extensive research of Richard Mayer of the University of California at Santa Barbara. Use ‘full-screen’ to view it.

Put your headphones on because this slide show has an audio narration accompanying it.

“People learn better when multimedia messages are designed in ways that are consistent with how the human mind works and with research-based principles.” Richard E. Mayer

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