Description and Outcomes

Course Description

This online, applied course is designed to introduce educators, and thus their students, to computer and web-based multimedia tools such as text, video, audio, and digital photographs and graphics. There will be an emphasis not only on how to use the tools, but also on sound pedagogical practice to promote effective teaching and learning. Students in this course will learn how to identify, select, plan for, create, and integrate multimedia into instructions, and to have their students do the same in activities such as reports and project work, digital story-telling, and portfolios.


Students will be able to:

  • Assess their teaching environment for multimedia related hardware and software.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a variety of multimedia tools, including Web 2.0 tools.
  • Discuss the role of multimedia in learning with colleagues and others.
  • Integrate multimedia across the curriculum in a pedagogically sound manner.
  • Effectively plan multimedia productions.
  • Utilize multimedia effectively in teaching.
  • Create and support activities for students that incorporate multimedia.
  • Create performance and scoring rubrics for multimedia projects.
  • Actively participate in the online community of practice related to this course, and to multimedia in education.
  • Engage in reflective self-assessment and continuous improvement processes related to teaching and learning.

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