Week 6 Activities

6.1 Cybersafety

After reviewing the resources on Internet safety for K-12 students and considering your own experience as a teacher, create a short post, setting out where you think you stand currently on the issue. Do you worry about the risks to students, the possible backlash from parents and administration, the learning that might be missed if too many restrictions are placed on internet use? There is no definitive answer to these questions and I expect that your position might move over the semester. Give your post a suitable title and the category “EDDL 5101”.

If you teach in a post-secondary environment, what safety issues do you perceive for students? There are situations where students may be sharing personal information or details of their work environment that could be sensitive. In other cases students are required to work with data and media that pose third party privacy issues. An example would be social work students who must submit video of a practicum setting to their instructor.

After you have written your post, read the posts from your fellow students and comment where you think a different approach from your own has been declared.

6.2 Copyright

I have put up an updated post on the copyright landscape for educators in Canada. This is a field that has gone through significant change in the last couple of years including several court cases, attempted legislative reform, mandatory tariff proposals and successful new legislation. In the past much of my day had been shaped by this framework as I advised instructors on what and how they could get media and resources into their online courses. It is contentious and at times frustrating but the recent new copyright act and interpretations of Fair Dealing by the Supreme Court have given reason for optimism.

Read my post and the work by Michael Geist (a tireless advocate for reasonable sharing of media). Consider how this could impact your teaching in an online environment? How does it affect what you might include in a course? How does it affect activities you might assign to your students?

Please take a look at “Copyright for Educators” and “The Supreme Court Speaks“, then post your comments in the Week 6 Forum on the Moodle site.