Week 5: Application of EdTech Theory

How do we use educational technology in real, everyday learning and teaching situations? This is the juncture where, one might hope, the research which has gone into supporting and developing the theories that guide our understanding of how learning happens, is used to help us make informed decisions as educators. In my practice as an instructional designer I have approached many problems where issues like desired style, time constraints, teacher preferences or institutional policies direct or guide choices in the development of technology-supported educational environments. When we can bring research to bear on the decisions we make, we can make a greater argument for a better application of educational technology.

The readings for this week include practical applications of educational theories. There are three models for designing and/or evaluating learning that utilizes technology. While this may look like a lot of reading the chapters listed are actually quite short. In each case you may want to read more from Curt Bonk and Tony Bates. Bonk has produced a comprehensive guide to his development model, complete with examples. Tony’s new open textbook has many chapters beyond those assigned here that could be of interest.