Week 1: Intro to EdTech

What We’re Up To

Your goals for Week 1 are to become familiar with the WordPress blogging environment and the Moodle site that this course will use, write an initial blog post that introduces yourself to your classmates, and do a technology self-assessment.

The content, activities, and assignments for EDDL 5101, as well as your interactions with the course, other students and the instructor will mostly occur in a WordPress multiuser (MU) blog site hosted by Thompson Rivers University. This is an “open” approach to education in that anyone in the world who is on the Internet has a chance to see what is happening in the course and, possibly, participate actively, should you so choose.

An important element of the Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning is that we will explore social media and free web services that can be used by teachers and students anywhere. This means that we will be using tools and signing up for accounts with services hosted around the world, but primarily in the United States. The use of these tools may be more problematic within the policies of any specific institutional setting and we will look at these issues as well. If you have any issues with using any of these tools, please contact the instructor and options will be discussed.

WordPress Basics

WordPress makes it easy to publish on the Internet. It is as easy as filling in some fields in a form, using your computer and a Web browser, and clicking the Publish button. You might prefer to write your posts in a word processor such as Microsoft Word and then copy and paste into the appropriate WordPress field. Take some time this week to explore and customize your blog. There are tutorials linked from the WordPress Basics page.

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