Week 9—Activities

Activity 9.1 — Create a Wireframe

Consider a web page or web site you would like to create for your teaching. This could be a site for one of the assignments in this course or it could be something farther along in your agenda. Use a tool like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to create a single-page wireframe model of how you would design the layout of your web page or site. Include the standard components of page head, navigation, and content area. Be sure to make a thoughtful design of how your content would be presented to the students and how they would interact with it. Use a comment feature in your tool to provide information about your design choices. Upload your wireframe as a media file to your blog media library and then make a brief post explaining your design and linking to the wireframe. If you have any difficulty uploading your wireframe please contact the instructor.

Note that your wireframe may take into account the limitations placed on you by using a specific WordPress theme, or a tool like Google Sites or Weebly. Alternatively, you can present a wireframe design for something you would custom build (even if you don’t really plan to). So this activity could be a step on finishing one of the course assignments, or it could be a flight of fancy.

Activity 9.2 — Review Wireframes

Once you have completed your wireframe, take some time at the end of week 9 or in week 10 to review the wireframes presented by other students and comment as appropriate about ideas and design decisions that give you something to take to your own projects.

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