Week 12 – Activities

Note that all of this topic is optional. If you need the time to work on your final assignment then please do so.

Activity 12.1

Read the two articles and review the websites provided. If a particular item interests you, follow it up with further reading, perhaps via one of the links on Kathy Schrock’s site.

Consider a possible application of augmented reality or virtual reality to support something you teach or could possibly teach. Write a short blog post describing the learning objective you would be working towards, the way augmented or virtual reality would be used by students to support learning, and how you would see these materials being produced – is this somehting you could do (eventually), or is this something you would hope to have funded for professional creation?

Activity 12.2

Take one of the augmented reality tools listed and try it out just at the ‘proof of concept’ level. Write a short blog post about your creation, how your production process went and how you see this extending to one day support your teaching.